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Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Album Leak












Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013)



1. Bad Guy
2. Parking Lot (Skit)
3. Rhyme Or Reason
4. So Much Better
5. Survival
6. Legacy
7. Asshole (Feat. Skylar Grey)
8. Berzerk
9. Rap God
10. Brainless
11. Stronger Than I Was
12. The Monster (Feat. Rihanna)
13. So Far…
14. Love Game (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
15. Headlights (Feat. Nate Ruess)
16. Evil Twin


More Information

Possibly, the most remembered album of Eminem (and are already 7 people) is The Marshall Mathers LP, a disc which, among other things, we served many to meet thanks to his ‘Stan’ rapper with sampling of included Dido.

And, though Eminem is much more than that album, and even had already shown it on The Slim Shady LP, for example, it should also be clear debt that has with him and that, in part, today is who is thanks to what you got with that third album.
I guess that must be the reason that his next work, planned for the month of November is planned as a sequel to and go to take for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 title.

The announcement of this sequel has arrived by surprise and we’ve caught more than one holiday so if we add that to the scant data that have come to light, we know little on the subject.

We know, that Yes, that after production are Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin, who has also been behind the latest from Kanye West. And that we can add to that by the network runs the rumor that this album will be less melodic, will show us to a more raw and close to his first works Eminem and you’ll have an air in full album we can give by the way if we attend to the first single that we can listen to Beastie Boys: ‘Berzerk’.



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